Building more sustainable communities



Much of what we think of as traditional farmland in Manitoba was originally wetland. When designing new communities, we’re actually reclaiming and restoring them.

Working extensively with Native Plant Solutions, a branch of Ducks Unlimited, and partnering with organizations like the Nature Conservancy of Canada, we’ve become specialists in naturalizing wetlands and incorporating native grasses and plants into our communities. These signature features are also designed to clean waterways by collecting run-off and filtering it with native grasses and shoreline plants. In this way, impurities are captured before they reach the city’s drainage systems, better protecting our rivers and streams.

Native Grasses

Native Grasses

Manitoba is rich in native species of plants, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. By incorporating elements from the natural prairie landscape into each of our communities, we’re creating healthy neighbourhood eco-systems and stunning landscapes.

These elements have many additional benefits, including reducing pesticide use and soil erosion, providing shelter for birds and adding texture and colour when the seasons change.

Limestone Trails

The trails found in Qualico Communities make use of locally-souced crushed limestone to provide a softer surface for walkers and joggers and are cooler on pets feet than asphalt. Paired with the surrounding landscape and natural community elements, these paths provide the perfect park-like experience for residents to get outside and in touch with nature.

Limestone trails also offer better water drainage and are very easy to maintain and repair versus a hard surface solution.

Limestone Trails

Reclaiming and Preserving Natural Wonders

We also collaborate deeply with local conservation groups and environmental stewards to ensure that other ecological gems – such as the historical Harte Trail in Ridgewood West, or a rare riverbank basswood grove near Headingley in Taylor Farm – are upheld, becoming treasured and essential features in our new community developments.

Harte Trail - Ridgewood West