Limestone Trails


New communities are being designed to be walkable with the goal of encouraging active lifestyles. Qualico Communities are the same way, but are also designed to improve sustainability. Limestone trails, as opposed to paved trails, provide many benefits to each community, giving back to the natural surroundings, pets and residents alike. Here are a few:

Improved Drainage

The watersheds in Manitoba are where all our rain and waste-water collect. These retention ponds are fed water both through water absorbed through the ground and by man-made drainage delivery systems.

The trails in Qualico Communities are constructed with permeable limestone that’s designed to manage water runoff above and below ground, and into the lowlands. This is an improvement from an impervious trail surface such as pavement, which would allow water to run over instead of through the trail. Having water run over the trail speeds the flow and increases the risk of erosion that could damage the native grasses established beside the trail. 

asphalt vs limestone trails
Sage Creek Trails

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Packed limestone surfaces are much easier to maintain and will last longer than a paved surface with minimal annual upkeep, thus reducing life cycle costs for the community that is responsible for maintenance and renewal. In many developments throughout Winnipeg, it is a common sight to see asphalt or concrete paths that have heaved and cracked over the years. Our cold weather can do terrible things to a paved surface, but crushed limestone moves with the natural surface of the Earth providing the same aesthetic year-after-year with relatively low-maintenance

Great for Active Lifestyles

Crushed limestone trails are great for families and pets to get out and exercise on. The surface provides improved shock absorption for runners and walkers, and for pets and young kids, the reduced heat retention means less discomfort on paws and any bare feet when out for a walk. 

These trails are the perfect way to get out and see the neighbourhood and are designed with our community residents in mind. Living close to trails encourages residents to leave the car in the garage and hit the trails by foot or by bike. 

Couple walking on trail with dog