Our Commitment

Qualico Communities is part of Winnipeg

At Qualico Communities, we understand that for many homeowners, where you build can be as important as what you build. In planning our communities, we aren’t just thinking about lot size and street design. We’re also looking at the community as a whole and how it can provide homeowners with a distinct living experience. We also continuously improve our development standards and the sustainability of each community through ongoing research, strategic partnerships and community involvement.

We Live Here - Qualico Head Office

We Live Here

For over 60 years we’ve been putting down roots and raising the bar for what we expect for our residents and neighbours. Qualico started in Winnipeg, and we are committed a long-term vision for our city through the work we do and the communities we build. 

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Qualico - True To Our Nature - Homes and Trail

True To Our Nature

Qualico Communities' commitment to sustainability is core to our culture and embedded in our communities. It’s part of who we are. We believe in creating natural environments where people, plants and wildlife coexist. Native grasses, limestone trails, and natural wetlands are now the hallmark of our communities improving sustainability and reducing maintenance.

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Higher Standards - Photo of family

To a Higher Standard

Our communities are developed to a higher standard of construction, beauty, design and sustainability. Whether the development is within or outside of city limits, they feel like communities from the start and are designed and built to last for generations to come.

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