Today’s lumber market

May 3, 2021 Topics: News

Within the last year, the lumber industry has gone through some tremendous changes. Those who are planning summer projects, should be aware and prepared before ordering materials.

Green vs. brown lumberLumber-comparison

Residents who are looking for green-treated wood will now be hard pressed to find any in stores. We understand that production has begun to significantly decrease since last year. As brown-treated wood came into high demand, it no longer made sense for many mills, distributers, and retailers to carry two sets of inventories. Therefore, the more popular brown-treated lumber was kept while the majority of green-treated lumber was discontinued.

Aside from the treating process and their colours, green and brown treated lumber have the same quality when it comes to durability. If left unstained, both colours will fade to a slightly grey look over the years. Although no maintenance is required during the first year, a high-quality semi-transparent stain or water repellent will help protect the wood of your personal projects from weathering.

Prices are changingLumber-Prices

Whether you’re planning to build a deck, fence or any other projects this season, residents should be prepared to pay more for lumber this year than in previous ones. Due to the pandemic, the prices of lumber have skyrocketed.

With government lockdowns beginning last year, lumber production was significantly reduced and transportation issues began to arise. At the same time, many people began to focus on home renovations and backyard improvements. This set-back in production and extra demand from consumers, has created the perfect storm for the lumber industry.

Today, many lumber mills are overwhelmed with production and it currently doesn’t look like prices are coming down anytime soon. With a tight supply, 2021 will likely be one of the most challenging years that the lumber industry has ever faced.

Keep your materials safeLumber-materials safe

Unfortunately, these high prices and increasingly low supply have led to lumber thefts throughout our city. If you are planning to order any pressure-treated wood this season, be sure to keep it in a secure location such as in a garage or shed if available.

To help reduce theft, order materials as you need them and use them right away so materials aren’t left to sit. If this isn’t possible, try moving any unused materials to the back yard as soon as you can to help deter any potential thieves.

If you see any suspicious behaviour in your area, please report it to the police by dialing 911.

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