The Many Faces of Qualico Communities

February 13, 2018 Topics: News

Driving through any of Qualico’s many different communities, you’ll notice a high standard of style and design throughout the homes. Builders meet with Qualico Communities to discuss and design the overall aesthetic of each neighbourhood adhering to these guidelines during the builds. These parameters ensure homeowners’ investments in the community will retain their value and aesthetic in years to come.

“Our Architectural Design Guidelines are set in place to achieve a well-coordinated, attractive community and to ensure high standards of exterior design,” says Trevor Grafton, Planning and Design Co-ordinator for Qualico Communities. “The overall architectural theme is harmonious diversity and we try to encourage our builders to take inspiration from a variety of architectural styles.”

Qualico Communities ensures each home meets the community standards through their architectural approval process. This process takes into consideration the style of the home, proportion and composition of the overall design, and how well it’ll fit within the streetscape.

“We’ve seen inspiration come from many different styles of architecture within our communities; Traditional, Contemporary, Prairie Style, Georgian Revival, Arts and Crafts, etc. The prevalence of inspiration within Qualico Communities architectural style comes from Traditional, Prairie style and Contemporary styles of residential architecture.”

Traditional Style HomeTraditional

New traditional homes are popular choices in Qualico communities. The classic styling is reminiscent of older plantation-style homes, but with a modern flair and a little more creativity. Some of the more common traits found in traditional homes are (but not limited to), peaked roofs, some stone or brick on the exterior, porches, and larger footprints. The real appeal of a traditional home is its essence. While taking advantage of all modern materials, windows and lighting, and the comforts we expect in a new home while still offering the aesthetic of a classically beautiful home.

Contemporary Style HomeContemporary

Contemporary homes are exciting to see, with many making use of layered square and cubic shapes. For the more conservative contemporary home, the cubic shapes still exist, but are moderated by more traditional elements. Some common features in contemporary homes are flat roofs laying at 180 degrees, or slightly askew, large windows and second floor balconies. Contemporary homes typically make use of multiple different materials on the exterior, breaking up the design and making each shape uniquely attractive.


Prairie-style homes are often said to be inspired by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. These homes are known for their sprawling expression of the flat prairie land, with large footprints and short but broad sloping roofs. A common prairie-style trait; balconies and terraces extending past the base of the home creating sheltered areas outside. Frank Lloyd Wright’s original plan for Prairie Style was to bring together simplicity, comfort and utility, but all while not sacrificing beauty. As a result, there have been some incredibly creative Prairie-Style homes built over the decades, and we are proud to have them in our communities.


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