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April 7, 2020 Topics: Nature

Qualico Communities is proud to announce that we are renewing our partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for another three-year term.

As an extension of our values in improving the environmental sustainability of our neighbourhoods, Qualico Communities proudly supports conservation science and the stewardship of the NCC in their engagement of community members and securing of areas that have high ecological value.

Since 2013, Qualico Communities has pledged quarterly contributions to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Through these donations, NCC has been able to expand conservation work in the Assiniboine Delta Natural Area. Within this area is Waggle Springs, a high-priority conservation project that contains some of the most endangered grassland habitats in the world.

Located in south-central Manitoba, 7km southwest of Shilo, Waggle Springs consists of grassland and oak savanna that gives way to riparian shrubland and forest as it nears the Assiniboine River.

“Preserving land around the Assiniboine River is crucial because it’s an important artery that goes through a lot of different zones in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and into the Red River Valley,” says Eric Vogan of Qualico Communities. “There are a lot of special places around it that need preservation.”

Many at-risk species inhabit the Assiniboine Delta Natural Area including a nationally rare roundleaf monkeyflower, lake sturgeon, prairie skink, Sprague’s pipit and eastern wood peewee. Other birds and mammals that live in this area are elk, sharp-tailed grouse, coyote, moose and an abundance of other wildlife.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s work not only contributes to healthy ecosystems but is also an integral aspect to healthy human communities as well. The local economy near the Assiniboine Delta Natural Area is largely driven by livestock and crop production. The Assiniboine Delta Aquifer, which is Manitoba’s largest unconfined sand and gravel aquifer, supplies local residents and farmers with a source of water.

Qualico Communities is honoured to support the Nature Conservancy of Canada in their work to protect areas that are critical to Manitoba’s biodiversity for present and future generations.

To date, our total contribution to the Nature Conservancy of Canada exceeds $300,000.00 and is still growing!

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