Spookiest house on the block

October 7, 2022 Topics: Lifestyle
We are well into October and with Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to give your house the haunted treatment. Follow these tips to transform your home into the spookiest house on the block and to attract trick-or-treaters in your neighbourhood.


The front lawn is likely the largest space you’ll have to create a scary first impression for trick-or-treaters. To construct an uncanny feeling, place tombstones throughout the lawn and have skeletons or ghouls lurking behind the headstones. 

Incorporate clowns and jack-o'-lanterns to fabricate a place of nightmares.


Windows are often overlooked but are an easy way to boost your home’s overall fright factor. Use gel window stickers of bats, crows and witches to complete your house’s spine-chilling vibe. For an older audience, use gel stickers that look as though blood is dripping down your windows or have a ghost face peering through the window.

If you don’t want anything sticking to the inside of your windows, use flashing lights behind closed curtains to imitate a sense of panic and disorder.


The front entrance is the area where trick-or-treaters will spend most of their time. Place spider webs in corners and pumpkins near steps to devise a creepy setting. 

You can also add yellow caution tape around railings and door frames to mimic an abandoned house. 

Front door

Wreaths are a fantastic way of highlighting the front door. There are plenty of varieties including wreaths with crow’s feathers, crimson roses and ones with monsters crawling out of the fabric. 

Another option is to use a monogram shaped like a cat, pumpkin or witch’s hat to complement the eerie surroundings of spiders and cobwebs in the front entrance.


While you’re handing out candy, trick-or-treaters will catch a glimpse of your foyer. Dressing this space up is a fun way to continue the Halloween theme, especially if you’re in a costume as well. Try hanging ghosts from light fixtures and placing black candlesticks and ominous photos nearby. 

To complete this spellbinding area, play your favourite Halloween playlist to set the mood. 

Remember, Halloween is all about having fun so don’t overthink your décor. Pick items that stand-out to you and go with it. Good luck and remember to also keep our safety tips in mind.

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