New Year’s resolutions for your home

December 16, 2020 Topics: Lifestyle

The New Year is upon us and many people use this time to turn over a new leaf. Whether it’s vowing to eat better, exercise more or to focus on self-care. The New Year is brimming with possibilities and while you’re reflecting, this is the perfect opportunity to set goals for your home as well.

In the spirit of new beginnings, here are some ideas to consider when thinking about New Year’s resolutions for your home.


Reduce your bills by saving energy

Since new homes use the latest products, they are often much more energy efficient than older homes. However, there are always ways to further trim-down energy use to shrink household bills. This can be achieved by simply using LED lights and remembering to shut them off once leaving a room. Other easy ways of saving power can be done by shutting off electronics such as computers and game consoles once they are not in use or setting them to enter sleep mode. Installing a programmable smart thermostat will save energy by automatically turning off household cooling and heating systems while you are asleep or away and can be programmed to fit your weekly schedule.

For a larger commitment, use energy efficient appliances such as furnaces, dryers and refrigerators. These items will cost more up-font but will save you money in the long run. Remember to look for an energy star label on these products to ensure that they are federally certified to consume less energy than non-energy efficient models. To decrease water bills, use low-flow products such as showerheads, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines.


Have a clean space for a happier disposition

After the holidays, homes can become messy with left over décor and gifts that haven’t yet found their place. Living in a messy and unclean environment can contribute to a variety or mental and physical health issues such as stress, depression, asthma and allergies so it’s important to keep your home clean.

To create a stress-free home, declutter it by making storage space so you can easily stash away items. New homes often provide numerous storage options but if you’re still looking for more space, shoe holders and woven baskets do wonders when organizing. Set a schedule to clean each room on a regular basis and donate anything that you don’t need to charity. Going forward, think about what items you bring into your home and whether they lift your spirits. Avoid anything that is broken or makes you feel down.

For a healthy environment, set daily and weekly cleaning schedules to keep the mess under control. Each night be sure to place dishes into the dishwasher and ensure all dirty clothes are in the hamper. Make sure clean clothes are hung in the closet and try to bring everything back to its assigned place. On a weekly basis, clean your entire house. It’s helpful to store all of the cleaning products such as sprays, brushes and rags in one area. To save time, focus on one type of cleaning at a time. For example, target all of the surfaces before moving on to clean the floors.


Create a place of wellness  

Transform your home into a personal wellness retreat by using natural light. Luckily, many new homes have oversized windows. Take advantage of these by opening the curtains and blinds to allow light to spill into your home. In the winter this can be difficult but try doing this whenever possible whether it’s in the morning, once you get home from work or on the weekends. Light benefits your mood by helping you feel more productive and happy. This is because the body produces a hormone called serotonin when exposed to light which can combat the winter blues.

If you are building a new home, try integrating features that can help your personal goals year-round. This includes spaces such as a large kitchen to easily entertain and meal prep in, or a designated fitness room to stay healthy.

Create a place of relaxation by having a cozy great room where you can de-stress in the evenings. This goes for the bedroom as well; form a space where you can peacefully fall asleep. Whether this means using your favourite diffuser blend or incorporating comfy blankets to snuggle in. Drawing a warm bath in a soaker tub is also a great way to treat yourself throughout the year – especially during the winter.

When it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions it’s all about making progress. If you’re using less energy than last year or your home is becoming a place of wellness where you can fully unwind, then you’re off to a fantastic start!

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