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June 7, 2021 Topics: News

If you live in Oak Bluff you can take comfort knowing there are additional eyes looking out for the safety of you and your neighbours. Many attempted crimes in Oak Bluff have been deterred thanks to the Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP). This volunteer group has approximately 12 active patrols in the community who work in partnership with law enforcement to help keep the neighbourhood safe.

“Our goal is to look-out and document (when appropriate) any suspicious or criminal activity and report these actions to the police,” says Christina, Oak Bluff’s COPP coordinator. “As COPP members, we act as additional eyes and ears for our community and the police, to assist in reducing crime.”

Oak Bluff’s COPP covers Oak Bluff West, Oak Bluff Estates, Oak Bluff School as well as, the rural and industrial areas of Oak Bluff. In the past this group has helped stop building material robberies, auto-theft, vandalism and much more. 

“I was drawn to the Citizens on Patrol Program back in 2019, because it gave me the opportunity to directly help my neighbourhood while providing a way to meet new people within my community who I would have otherwise never known, ” says Christina. 
COPP members

COPP provides a structured program with resources including equipment and a law enforcement liaison to help coordinate rural areas in their efforts of crime prevention and safety. This officer provides information such as local crime stats and safety tips to the group coordinator and participates in meetings and training sessions, whenever possible.

“New members can expect to meet fellow neighbours in their community through COPP and experience going on patrols, as well as enjoy the flexibility of setting their own patrol schedule that suits their lifestyle and needs,” adds Christina.

To join Oak Bluff’s Citizens on Patrol Program, email to complete the volunteer application form and free criminal record check. From there, complete your training session (online until further notice) and start patrolling your neighbourhood by foot, bicycle, or vehicle!

Qualico Communities applauds all the members in the Citizens on Patrol Program for all your hard work and dedication with your ongoing efforts to keep this community safe.

If you live in an area that does not currently have the Citizens on Patrol Program, please visit to learn how to start a COPP in your neighbourhood. With their clear and established guidelines, you’ll be patrolling your community in no time!

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