How to Plan for your Next Outdoor Event

July 3, 2017

Now that the warm weather is here, Winnipeggers are firing up their barbeques and spending as much time as they can outside. Hosting a backyard BBQ with your close friends and family it’s not is a fun way to spend time together, and an opportunity to make use of your beautiful backyard space. So, whether you’re hosting for four people or 50 people, there are many more factors to consider.

That’s why we’ve broken down the top things to consider and remember when planning your summer bash to help get you started!

The Date

Choosing the date is often the first order of business when planning your outdoor party. When you pull out the calendar, you’ll not only want to think about what works for majority of the group but take into consideration the potential weather or bugs that may be out around that time (mosquitoes at night, wasps in August).

With the unpredictable Winnipeg weather, it’s also important to have a backup plan to prepare for anything that may happen. Tip: Pick a rain date or prep the inside of your home just in case of rain!

The Food

Serving the classic hamburgers and hot dogs is always a crowd pleaser, but changing it up can be fun and come as a nice surprise to your guests. Go beyond the traditional options by setting up a do-it-yourself taco bar or serve pulled pork sandwiches for something different.

Make it easy for your guests and try to assemble as much of the food as you can to make it a quick grab and go, preventing a congested food table. If vegetables are on the menu, place some veggie sticks and dip in a cup or serve food on a skewer!

If you don’t mind people going in and out of your home, consider having your food in the kitchen to prevent it from getting warm or swarmed by bugs. It could also save space on your deck or patio and leave more room for seating.

The Set Up

The party isn’t just about the guest list, date and food, it’s just as crucial to have the right environment for your guests. This includes your seating arrangement and décor. For smaller parties, you may have just the right amount of patio furniture to comfortably sit everybody, but for larger groups that may not be the case! If you have more people than chairs it could be a challenge finding ways to seat your guests. Borrowing chairs from family and friends is an option, but there are many services around the city to rent! If you entertain often, it might be wise to invest in additional outdoor seating that can be stored away.

Switch It Up  

Try switching up a simple BBQ itinerary into something a little more unique. There are multiple ways to add some extra fun to your standard outdoor party by including a theme or special entertainment. A mini Olympic Games or bocce tournament can be an enjoyable way to introduce a little friendly competition to the party. You could even create an outdoor movie theatre with popcorn and old fashion soda glasses, which would be great on a warm summer evening to relax and unwind.  

No matter how you choose to entertain during the summer, it’s important to remember that it’s the perfect occasion to spend time with your 

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