Choosing your dream community

February 14, 2024 Topics: Lifestyle

Taking the time to decide where to live is just as important as the home itself. You’ll want a neighbourhood that complements your lifestyle and offers an atmosphere that suits your personality. The good news is that there are numerous communities throughout Winnipeg that can meet the needs of a diverse range of families. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing your dream neighbourhood.


The first thing to consider is what type of home you and your family will want and whether that design is available in the potential community. Most neighbourhoods combine multiple living options including single family homes such as bungalows and two-storeys, as well as multifamily homes such as townhomes and duplexes. Look into these different living layouts to decide which one will work best for you and your family.

A community’s architectural and landscaping guidelines are also an important factor to look into. If you are building new, these guidelines will determine the exterior appearance of a home and its lot and how they will contribute to the overall ambience of a community.

Once you decide on a style of home, a reputable builder will be able to show you the communities that it is available to build in. However, if you fall in love with a certain community first, you can begin by choosing from a list of builders who are selling in that area.


Many people spend a large portion of their days at work and going to recreational activities during the evenings, so it’s essential to consider how long your daily commutes will take. Some people like to live close to the places they frequently visit but it’s important to note that your situation may change as you and your family grow. Sometimes it’s helpful to select a community that’s near the highway so you can easily drive to anywhere in the city.


When choosing a community it’s a good idea to look into the nearby schools, emergency services, shopping centres and professional services that are available. Some communities also offer special features such as walking trails, public art and access to nature reserves that can help improve a homeowner’s quality of life.

With all of these components in mind, sometimes it’s easiest to simply visit a community to get a sense of its atmosphere. This will help you envision your family living there and whether it is a good fit.

To begin the search for your perfect neighbourhood, take a look at our flourishing communities. Qualico Communities are developed to the highest standards for design, environmental sustainability and to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of homeowners.

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