An inside look with Avanti Custom Homes – 14 Stone Hearth Lane

April 11, 2022 Topics: News

Qualico Communities is proud to partner with high-quality, reputable, and trustworthy home builders in all our communities. While show homes are open year-round, life doesn’t always allow the time to visit all the beautiful show homes our neighbourhoods have to boast in-person. With this blog series, “An inside look” we’re giving you the chance to explore the inside of some of Winnipeg’s latest and greatest homes from the comfort of your couch, bed, or office chair.

Today, we’re taking a deeper look into 14 Stone Hearth Lane as Avanti Custom Homes gives us the scoop on some of the most sought-after questions pertaining to designing new homes.

Can you tell us the inspiration behind the design of this home?

Avanti designed this house to be a very functional home, that meets the wants and needs of a family. Just to mention a few of its design features: it’s a bungalow plan with 2.5 baths, separate mud room and its own designated laundry room. Avanti wanted to take a bungalow plan to the next level.

Avanti designed this home with functionality top of mind to meet the needs of a busy family. This bungalow offers two and a half baths, a separate mudroom with ample space for boots, coats, and bags and a nicely designed designated laundry room. It mixes beautiful design with practical elements taking a bungalow layout to the next level.

What are people looking for in their homes today?

People are looking for a new home that they can imagine doing their daily family activities in. Of course, they want everything to look amazing and they want high-quality craftsmanship, but they also want the home to function for their family. Lots of people who are looking at bungalows love the separation of the primary suite from the secondary bedrooms for instance.

Is it important to balance current trends with timeless features? If so, how do you manage that balance?

I think the basic formula is to keep the basics of the home timeless and to play with current trends in things that can be changed in the future. It's a lot easier to change drawer pulls than it is to change the cabinets they are attached to or swap out a light fixture if trends change in the future. I love that balance we have in this Avanti Home.

What role does staging play in presenting a new home?

Staging is super important, especially with show homes. Done properly, it really helps people see how the spaces of the home and how it can be utilized. It also allows for more opportunities to play with current decor trends, adding lots of colour etc.

Are there any new design trends that you see emerging?

Lots of urban farmhouse type influence are still going strong and of course still a lot of black and gold accents showing up which I like a lot. Larger windows and use of space for a home office or future basement development.

Finally, what's your favourite thing about this house?

I have a few favorite things about this house. I love the first impression when you walk into the foyer; I hear people saying “oh wow” a lot when they come in. I also love the huge windows and the crazy amount of natural light they allow, and adore the blue trayed ceilings and extra half bath.

If you’re looking to build your dream home in Oak Bluff West, contact Avanti Custom Homes for more information and be sure to visit their website for additional inspiration.

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