5 Reasons to Move to RidgeWood West

June 4, 2018 Topics: News

RidgeWood West is a unique community located in Charleswood. What makes it unique? It’s a new home community in an area known for having more established homes. Now, you can build a new home in the picturesque neighbourhood that backs out onto open prairie landscapes.


#5 – Qualico’s Commitment to Nature

RidgeWood West follows Qualico’s commitment to incorporating natural elements into new communities. Part of the commitment is to improve the sustainability of each community, and these natural elements play a large role in achieving this goal. Wetlands surrounded by native grasses provide habitats for birds and other wildlife. They retain water while the native grasses’ root systems remove salts and minerals from the water before it returns to the natural water systems.  

#4 – Ability to Build New in Charleswood

Charleswood is a well-established neighbourhood in Winnipeg, and for a long time, you couldn’t build a new home there without demolishing a pre-existing one. RidgeWood West has been such an in-demand neighbourhood so far as home-owners can purchase new lots and start fresh. Having a new home in an already established neighbourhood is exciting and comes with plenty of bonuses, which brings us to our next reason.

#3 – Established Community Amenities

Being a part of Charleswood comes with many perks, including 3 nearby community centres, 3 elementary schools, 1 junior high school, 3 high schools (including the private school, St. Paul’s) and 1 library. Having access to so many institutions offers many obvious advantages over other areas with less choice, such as access to different sports and team activities.

#2 – Proximity to Restaurants and Retail

Located in between Roblin Blvd and Wilkes Avenue, residents have access to two different retail and restaurant centres. We previously wrote a piece titled Places to Eatnear RidgeWood West detailing just a handful of spots near the area, but in addition to the numerous restaurants in proximity, there are plenty of spots to shop. Residents are only a quick drive away from Outlet Collection Winnipeg, the city’s newest mall on Sterling Lyon Blvd, with plenty of retail shops and a very interesting food court. Roblin Boulevard plays host to many smaller independent retailers with a wealth of different products and a long history in the community.


#1 – Connection to Harte Trail and Assiniboine Forest

Uniquely positioned so closely to the Assiniboine Forest, and connected to the Harte Trail, RidgeWood West is a great place to live for the avid cyclist/runners and joggers. It’s also ideal for families looking to get out and exercise in the evenings or on the weekend. The Harte Trail runs 6.5 kilometres through a narrow strip of wilderness on an old railway bed, connecting you from RidgeWood West to the Assiniboine Forest. Not only is this trail beautiful in the summer, but it also makes for great cross country skiing and winter biking.


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